Friday, October 17, 2014

Number line activities

We are loving Maths Week.
Today we did some numberline jumping.
Teacher told us a sum like 2+3=?
We had to figure out where to start on the numberline (2).
Then everyone had to guess, then show teacher on our number fans, where we think we would land if we took the next number (3) of jumps.
We loved guessing and we loved jumping.
Numberlines are fun!
We also made a human number line and then teacher called out a story like:
I had 2 fish and dad bought me 3 more.  How many fish did I have then.
If we guessed or figured out the right answer then we could take the place on the numberline of the child who was holding this number.
Some of the stories were happy stories (addition) and some were much sadder (subtraction).
We also had turns at finding the number before, after or between numbers.
We are good at number line quizes!

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