Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maths activities in Senior infants

Here are some of the maths games and activities we have played this week:
We have focused on the numbers 0-10.
We use the counting stick to say the numbers before and after other numbers and to count sequentially (forwards or backwards) starting at any number on the stick.
We use the flip number line to hide a number or maybe two or three numbers.  The children have to guess the hidden number or numbers by focusing on the numbers that they can still see.
We use the number fans to show teacher what the correct answer is to questions like:
What is the number before ....... what is the number after......... what number is between ........and............
We also use them to show teacher the answer to the word stories (addition and subtraction) that teacher calls out, like: I have 3 fish and mum gives me 2 more. How many have I now?
Sometimes we just show teacher the number she calls out.

For our activity sorting this week we were sorting different objects according to different colours.
Each table had a turn to sort common items, teddy bears, farm animals, bottle tops and cubes.

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